Nokia annoucnes S60 3rd Edition Service Pack 1

Oct 17 2006 - 05:01 PM ET | Nokia

Nokia is taking a page out of Microsoft's playbook by offering a S60 "Service Pack" for the latest edition of its S60 smartphone platform. S60 3rd Edition Service Pack 1, as it goes by, adds several new features including an updated web browser. The S60 web browser has won accolades for excellent standards compliance and is actually based on the rendering engine Apple uses for its Safari browser. In the latest Service Pack release, Nokia has improved the browser to include features such as: auto complete, password management and a floating toolbar.

Other new features of the release include the ability for businesses to remotely manage software, and location based service related middleware. On a more consumer side there is now audio messaging, a video ringtone and new alarms.

S60 3rd Edition compatible applications are cross compatible with the new release.