Sprint launches EV-DO Rev A

Oct 24 2006 - 01:17 PM ET | 3G, Sprint Nextel

Sprint Nextel has launched its EV-DO Rev A network in San Diego, becoming the first US carrier to launch the technology anywhere. The upgrade has gone significantly faster than first thought, it originally wasn't supposed to launch until next year. First generation EV-DO is called Rev 0 and was launched by Sprint last year. Rev A slightly increases the downlink speeds and greatly increases the uplink speeds. Here is the speed breakdown:

Revision 0Revision A
Max download2Mbps3.1Mpbs
Avg download400-700kbps450-800kbps
Max upload144kbps1.8Mbps
Avg upload70-144kbbs300-400kbbs

In recent weeks Sprint has launched Rev A compatible data cards which will immediately benefit from the launch (the technology is backwards compatible). Owners of Rev 0 only equipment will have to upgrade before receiving a speed boost. Read on for a list of markets set to go Rev A before the end of the year.

Buffalo, N.Y.
Hartford, Conn.
Kansas City, Mo.
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York City
Newark/Trenton, N.J.
Providence, R.I.
Sacramento, Calif
Salt Lake City
San Francisco
Washington, D.C.