T-Mobile HotSpot @Home UMA service launches in Seattle

Oct 24 2006 - 01:25 PM ET | T-Mobile, Unique

T-Mobile USA has opened up testing of its HotSpot @Home UMA service for customers in Seattle (see our previous coverage). Unlicensed Mobile Access, or UMA, utilizes WiFi and Voice Over IP (VoIP) to provide cheaper calls when in the area of a compatible WiFi hotspot. Besides cost savings, this technology should appeal to people that have poor cell coverage at home.

To accompany the launch T-Mobile is selling to @Home compatible handsets, the Nokia 6136 and Samsung T709. Each cost $50 and come with a standard 2-year contract. A WiFi access point is included in the package. Unlimited WiFi calling (which also works at any T-Mobile HotSpot) costs $20 per month.

No word on when this will expand to other markets.

[via PhoneScoop]