5 New Phones From Sony Ericsson

Mar 04 2003 - 01:17 PM ET | Sony Ericsson

t610.jpgSony Ericsson has released 5 new color phones:

T310 - small joystick for gaming, will be sold as the T316 in the US. Warning, the link is to a bloated probably still in development Flash movie. The link came by URL manipulation.

T610 - built-in digital camera, will be sold as the T616 in the US. This is the one pictured...

T606 and the Bluetooth-enabled T608, both of which use CDMA, the kind of cellular network Sprint and Verizon operate

A1301S - which has a 290-degree rotating digital camera, aimed at the Japanese market. Warning, the text of the page is in Japanese.

Look for these phones in Q2 this year. These phones might be the reason the T68i is on such a good sale.