AT&T Wireless Ogo review

Sep 24 2004 - 06:35 PM ET | AT&T Wireless, Review has a review of the yet-unannounced Ogo device from AT&T Wireless. Word of this device leaked from an FCC filing. It is a data only device (email/IM/SMS) from AT&T Wireless that will be marketed towards the younger market. Unlimited service costs $15 a month for AT&T Wireless customers, $18 for new AT&T Wireless customers. The review has several interesting photos that compare the size of the Ogo to other well known devices (Sidekick, Blackberry, etc). The reviewer also enjoyed the screen and overall feel of the device: bq. The screen is very bright and has good resolution. I don't konw [sic] the specs but it looks very good. The speaker is loud and clear. The feel of the device is pretty solid. Sometimes i find that i am immediately afraid i will break a device when i get it into my hands. this hasn't even crossed my mind with the ogo. i imagine that i coudl [sic] slam it into my back pocket and goto a club without a problem. MobileTracker will bring you a hands on report once an Ogo unit is secured. [Via Engadget]