Motorola announces 6 new clamshells

Oct 14 2004 - 02:37 AM ET | Motorola
Motorola announced 6 new clamshell phones all in one swoop. Not a whole lot of information is available on each one at this time, which is why they all sound so similar... All of the new models include Bluetooth, a VGA camera and video recording/playback. The phones are part of Motorola's plan for growth in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia), so it is unknown if the US will see any of the new models. Rumors have been flying for some time about at least one of the models, the Motorola V620, making it here. Here are direct links to MobileTracker coverage on each phone. Pictures will be published as we get them. * Motorola V535 * Motorola V545 * Motorola E550 * Motorola V547 * Motorola V550 * Motorola V620