Motorola RAZR V3 for $369.99

Nov 22 2004 - 01:51 PM ET | Bargain, Cingular, Motorola
While the Motorola RAZR V3 may be on a lot of wish lists this Christmas, it isn't on a lot of budgets--the $499 price after contract puts it out of reach for most consumers (and that's the limited time, $100 off retail price!). However, is selling the RAZR V3 through Cingular for $369.99 after rebate. You'll have to pay $519.99 up front, but $150 in mail-in rebates knock the price down below anything else we've seen. Also through, you can also purchase the V3 for $599 without a contract, about $150 below the lowest price we have seen. Amazon often changes pricing for non-contract sales, so our advice is that if you are interested move quickly. $599 is what Cingular lists as the MSRP for the Motorola RAZR V3--with contract. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in]