Motorola SLVR V280 announced

Mar 10 2005 - 12:35 AM ET | Motorola
CeBIT 2005 -- At the CeBIT technology fair in Germany, Motorola expanded the SLVR to include the SLVR V280. The SLVR V8 was announced last month and is part of the new focus on design at Motorola that began with the smash-hit RAZR V3. The PEBL V6 joins the SLVR and RAZR to flush out the high-end designed line of Motorola phones. Features of the SLVR V280 include: * VGA camera with 4x digital zoom, video recording * Bluetooth * Push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) The Motorola SLVR V280 should ship in the second half of the year. There will be a version with and without a camera (SLVRcam V280 and SLVRlite V270). Reports put the price for the SLVRlite V270 at $49.99 after carrier subsidy, a far cry from the RAZR V3's $500 price tag. Click on image at right to zoom. Another photo of the SLVR V280 is below. motorola-slvr-v280-1.jpg