Cingular simplifies its wireless plans

Jun 01 2005 - 02:12 PM ET | Cingular
cingular.gifAfter revamping its pre-paid offerings last week, Cingular Wireless today debuted retooled post-paid plans. Designed to be more simple, analysts also believe that the new plans could also increase revenue since the cheapest plan is now $39.99 monthly (up from ($29.99). There are now four featured plans, all include Rollover: * Nation 450 - $39.99 * Nation 900 - $59.99 * Nation 500 FamilyTalk - $59.99 * Nation 1500 FamilyTalk - $99.99 In total there are 12 plans--it appears regional plans have been discontinued across the board. Per minute pricing stayed the same for low-end plans, is slightly higher for mid-grade plans and is cheaper for high-end plans.