Jimmy Buffet loses phone, SIM card stolen

Jun 10 2005 - 11:43 AM ET | In The News, Sony Ericsson
Musician Jimmy Buffet recently lost his Sony Ericsson phone, which although was returned, was missing its SIM card. Busboy Jason Martin was in possession of the phone when the Secret Service found it. Why the Secret Service? The phone's SIM card had contact info for both Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Other celebrities with numbers that may have to change include actors George Clooney, Michael Douglas and Harrison Ford as well as Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. So far the feds haven't demanded the return of Jimmy Buffet's SIM card, which to the technically inclined would appear to be the more valuable than the phone itself. It wasn't noted what Sony Ericsson model the phone actually was, just that it was silver colored and worth $500 or more (P910i?). The legal documents are posted over at The Smoking Gun.