Motorola launches iRadio

Jan 03 2006 - 05:13 AM ET | CES, Data, Motorola

CES 2006 - Motorola has taken the wraps off of iRadio, a music streaming service that works over Bluetooth. iRadio will debut on the ROKR E2. While iRadio wasn't a secret, Motorola has been showing it off at various industry events, it's expected to be a major part of the company's CES presence.

iRadio uses a desktop computer, mobile phone and car stereo to allow you to take your music with you. In addition to tunes you own, iRadio grants users access to 435 commercial free radio channels which may pressure satellite radio providers. While Motorola is using the term radio, iRadio's content is actually downloaded and then transferred to the phone--from the phone it's streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth to a car stereo. DRM protects you from duping individual songs.

Motorola is looking to charge $7 per month for iRadio, but actual pricing may vary based on the carrier.

UPDATE: The ROKR E2 was also announced at CES.