Motorola ROKR E1 sold out on Cingular

Jan 11 2006 - 02:21 PM ET | Backpage, Cingular, Motorola

Several MobileTracker readers wrote in yesterday to ask about the Motorola ROKR E1's status with Cingular. Apparently it was pulled from Cingular's website, which could have meant it was discontinued or simply sold out. A Cingular spokesperson has confirmed that it was the latter and the E1 will return once it can be re-stocked. Despite poor reviews (including ours) from nearly the entire industry, interest in the E1 has spiked since the holiday season.

Motorola unveiled the ROKR E2 at CES and it appears to fix most of the gripes that were echoed in reviews. It doesn't include iTunes though, which is a curious move.