Patent suit over RAZRWire dropped

Mar 09 2006 - 04:40 PM ET | Accessories, Backpage, Motorola

A patent infringement lawsuit over Motorola's RAZRWire sunglasses has been dropped thanks to the patent in question expiring. RAZRWire combines Bluetooth headset technology with Oakley sunglasses. The lawsuit was filed in January and is based on a patent that was issued 15-years ago.

Mr. Weyer’s invention, which he marketed as Cruisers through a company called American Innovative Products, features a corded earphone attached to sunglasses. It was targeted at runners who want to listen to their portable stereos while wearing sunglasses.

The main claim in the patent covered the way the earphones are attached to the sunglasses and is similar to the way the earphones are attached to the Razrwire sunglasses, he said in January.

However, the inventor neglected to pay a maintenance fee on the patent and it expired in 2002. His petition to allow a late payment was rejected.

Motorola recently introduced its second product with Oakley, the O ROKR.