Opera Mini statistics revealed

Apr 06 2006 - 01:06 PM ET | Backpage, Data

Opera Software revealed some of the usage behind its new Opera Mini browser today. Because the software works through a proxy server run by Opera Software, it's possibly to accurately assess usage.

  • Opera Mini uses are generating between 38-76 GB of data traffic daily (sites are compressed before being sent to the handset and this figure takes that into account)
  • An average of 4 million pages are viewed every day
  • In T-Mobile's testing, Opera Mobile resulted in a 489% increase in data volume

Opera Mini is a small Java application that brings most of the Opera Mobile experience to non-smartphones. Markup for websites is actually processed at Opera so the Java application doesn't have to do much before displaying it. This not only speeds up browsing but allows the app to run on a lot more devices.