Opera Mini 3.0 ships

Nov 30 2006 - 03:09 PM ET | Backpage, Data

opera mini myspaceOpera Software has announced the availability of Opera Mini 3.0, the second major update to the package this year. The free application is a web browser designed to work on the vast majority of mobile phones sold. This differs from Opera Mobile which is designed expressly for smartphones. Opera Mini has been well received and the third version adds some major new features.

New in Opera Mini 3.0:

  • RSS feed reader
  • Photo sharing
  • Secure connections (for things like online banking)
  • Content folding, collapse long menu lists into one expandable button for easier navigation

You can download Opera Mini for free
now. One of the major features of the software is that it uses a proxy server design so that much of the actual HTML and JavaScript processing is done on Opera's remote servers. That means it can work on much less powerful phones and also appears to load websites faster than other browsers because the information is sent in a compressed format from Opera to the mobile handset.