Motorola patents electric shock alerts

Apr 21 2006 - 09:12 AM ET | Motorola, Unique

Motorola has patented a novel approach at getting your attention--a mild electric shock. Unlike vibration alert systems that are standard today, the new Motorola shock technology is completely silent. A small pad that contains electrodes is fastened to the skin and is wirelessly triggered by the mobile phone. The system even offers the ability to set personalized shocks based on who's calling--just like you can do with ringtones.

Apparatus and method for stimulating one or more areas on a wearer

A system includes a wireless device and at least one stimulator pad. The stimulator pad has a set of electrodes that are in communication with the wireless device. The stimulator pad is worn on the skin of a user. The wireless device is operable to receive an incoming signal and to place an electric potential on the conductors so that various areas of the user's body are stimulated and the user will receive notification of the incoming signal in a completely silent manner. The pad can be either wired or wireless and can be used to deliver therapeutic body stimulation as well.

[via MobileBurn]