Qualcomm to bring MediaFLO to Japan in 2008

Aug 16 2006 - 03:01 PM ET | Data

Qualcomm wants to launch MediaFLO in Japan as soon as 2008. MediaFLO is a multi-cast mobile TV standard that offers 20 channels of QVGA video. While mobile TV is already a reality in Japan, Qualcomm thinks the added features of MediaFLO will adapt nicely to the market. Many phones in Japan can tap into terrestrial digital TV signals, but MediaFLO will bring more DVR like functionality.

Since April Japanese broadcasters have been broadcasting mobile specific content, but there is no way to record the video. MediaFLO has the ability to do time-shifted content which should be popular since on-the-go video viewing is often interrupted. Qualcomm is hoping that phones capable of both mobile TV standards will be made available as soon as 2008.

MediaFLO is preparing for a US rollout as soon as October. Verizon Wireless is signed up as the exclusive carrier and is expected to integrate the technology into its V Cast service.