Qualcomm not expecting MediaFLO revenue in '07

Sep 06 2006 - 07:00 PM ET | Backpage, Verizon Wireless

Qualcomm CFO William Keitel noted Wednesday in a webcast call to investors that he doesn't plan on seeing any significant revenue from MediaFLO until after 2007. Verizon Wireless is planning on launching MediaFLO powered services early next year.

"Financially I wouldn't model significant revenues for 2007 from MediaFlo," Keitel said during the investor conference Webcast. Keitel also said he does not expect MediaFlo to make a big difference to Qualcomm's bottom line until after 2007

Qualcomm is spending $800 million building out the nationwide MediaFLO network. It will be able to handle 20 channels of full-motion QVGA live television plus 10 audio channels and a selection of time-shifted content. Verizon Wireless may begin integrating the technology into handsets late this year.