MediaFLO being tested by Sprint

Oct 11 2006 - 06:19 AM ET | Data, Sprint Nextel

Sprint has confirmed that it is testing out Qualcomm's MediaFLO mobile TV technology. Recently word leaked about Sprint Vue, which was being billed as a new mobile TV test, but there was no information available about the technology. MediaFLO is a multicast standard that is being built-out in the US by Qualcomm. Because it's multicast it should be able to be used by multiple carriers without much difficulty--Verizon Wireless has already signed on to integrate the tech into its V Cast service.

Sprint's current mobile TV offering relies on the EV-DO data network. While that allows for more channels and on-demand content, the quality of MediaFLO is significantly higher. Each of the 20 or so video channels are QVGA resolution.