Upcoming Motorola phones revealed by executive

Jan 24 2007 - 08:14 PM ET | 3G, 3GSM, Motorola, Rumor

motorola-krzr-k3-sneak.jpgMotorola's Ron Garriques, president of mobile devices, recently gave anxious investors a sneak peek at the company's upcoming handsets. The presentation has been posted online [PDF]. Look for these announcements soon.

As expected, many of Motorola's upcoming announcements will be 3G handsets. The phones revealed in Garriques' presentation are 3G versions of previously announced handsets:

  • KRZR K3 - Existing KRZR with 3G and second camera for video calling
  • RIZR Z8 - Tweaked design of the RIZR with UMTS or HSDPA (not noted)
  • Q EDGE - GSM version of the original Q
  • Q2 - Updated Q in both HSDPA and EV-DO versions, expected at 3GSM

Garriques also mentioned the upcoming SCPL (Scalpel) line of handsets. The presentation notes that these devices will be broadband capable, but does not hint at a launch date. Motorola has been talking about SCPL for over a year and it was originally believed to be the successor to the RAZR (which the KRZR ended up doing instead).

[via PhoneScoop]