Motorola i930 approved by FCC

May 22 2005 - 10:50 PM ET | Motorola, Nextel
The Motorola i930 has been approved by the FCC according to documents posted recently to the agency's website (FCC ID AZ489FT5843). Widely talked about by Nextel power users, the i930 is the first Windows Mobile smartphone built for iDEN cell phone networks (though it also contains GSM radios for roaming support). The Motorola i930 is expected to ship in the US from Nextel. The phone itself has been seen at various industry events for months, but always in a prototype stage. Rumors surrounding the i930 have been going around for over a year. The Motorola i930 sports (subject to change): * Dual iDEN/GSM connectivity * Windows Mobile OS * Camera * SD I/O slot * 65K color screen Most details from the FCC approval have been closeted thanks to a request for confidentiality.