Nokia N90 to launch on Cingular?

Sep 08 2005 - 11:17 PM ET | Cingular, Nokia, Rumor

We hadn't heard about this before, but it looks like the Nokia N90 may be heading to Cingular. Previously it looked like the phone would be sold in the US strictly without a service contract, but Cingular is showing the N90 on its insurance information page. But there are other phones on that page that never made it onto Cingular, such as the Motorola E680 and various Sony Ericsson P series models. So take it with caution, but it's possible.

The N90 sports a 2-megapixel camera and is one of three top-tier N-series phones announced by Nokia. Critics have noted that the handset is on the large size, but the camera has gotten rave reviews.

[via Engadget]