Cingular intros 'tattoos' for RAZR/SLVR

May 17 2006 - 11:54 AM ET | Accessories, Cingular, Motorola

Cingular Wireless and Motorola are promoting user-customized stickers designed to modify the look of the RAZR and SLVR. Using ink-jet printable stickers and software from Motorola, owners of either handset can further customize the look of their phone beyond the current colors offered. Blanks come in a four pack, but if you're not artistic there is also another option. Two different packs of pre-made tattoos are offered, each include a sticker in the following colors:

  1. Carbon Fiber, Grey Camouflage and Starburst Blue
  2. Pink Plaid, Pink Camouflage and Starburst Pink

Both the blanks and pre-made options retails for $9.99 per pack and should be carried at all Cingular stores.